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Part-Time Contracts (Six month contract period)
AIRS Project Manager – Knowledge and Training
AIRS Project Manager – Digital Design
AIRS Project Manager – Member Engagement

AIRS seeks to contract with experienced professionals for the three contracts featured above, with specialized skills in their respective areas, augmented by a solid I&R background. All contractors will report to the AIRS Executive Director.

Nature of Contractors
These contracts are open to either consultants who will be paid directly by AIRS, or employees of I&R organizations. In the latter case, AIRS will pay the relevant organization rather than the individual. The contractors will be expected to be wholly engaged in AIRS work on pre-designated days. For example, if the contract called for 15 hours of work, that work will take place on two specific days during normal business hours. These contracts are not intended for evening/weekend work. AIRS is flexible on the days involved and also for some occasional variations in both days and hours, upon the agreement of the AIRS Executive Director.

          AIRS Project Manager – Knowledge and Training

  • Coordinate the AIRS Conference Program (to work with track managers to secure an appealing selection of workshops, to develop a schedule, to support presenters, to promote the program and to ensure it is accurately laid out in the Conference App)
  • Develop, promote and facilitate AIRS webinars (four to be scheduled during contract period)
  • Work with subject matter experts to develop a curriculum for a ‘designation in disaster’ that would build upon an individual’s existing AIRS Certification
  • Curate existing AIRS core documents and develop a system for sharing with new directors/managers of AIRS member organizations
  • Oversee implementation of new AIRS online training software system
  • Coordinate inaugural AIRS Innovation Awards
  • Provide leadership and support to AIRS Training Committee

    AIRS Project Manager – Digital Design

  • Audit and upgrade the features, design and relevance of the AIRS website
  • Develop and implement branding design for AIRS core documents (e.g. AIRS Style Guide, AIRS Standards, etc.)
  • Manage design of our social media approaches
  • Review the AIRS Networker to improve structure and usability
  • Analyze and report on traffic patterns on AIRS online materials and make needed adjustments
  • Work with AIRS Project Manager – Knowledge and Training on new AIRS online training system
  • Work with AIRS Marketing/Membership Committee

    AIRS Project Manager – Member Engagement

  • Respond to requests for help and information by AIRS members
  • Facilitate/animate the AIRS Networker
  • Manage AIRS social media content
  • Work with volunteers on AIRS ‘Cybrarian Project’ to better curate Networker material
  • Provide/research responses to Networker questions
  • Promote features of AIRS Networker and assist with member needs
  • Develop outreach plan for communicating with members
  • Work with AIRS Marketing/Membership Committee

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