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Twitter tool:  www.oneforty.com

This site offers a description of thousands of applications that have been developed around the Twitter platforms.  If there is something that you want to do on Twitter: research, monitoring, analytics, geographic location, etc…there’s an application for that.  This site has short descriptions of each application and the platforms that they are to be used with.


What does Corporate America Think of Web 2.0

Social networking and social media are transforming the way  we as PR professionals communicate amongst ourselves and our audiences.  We consider it a revolution, but corporate America is not as quick to adapt and, as we communicate with our clients we have to ensure that we talk to them about these new strategies, tools and techniques in a language that they understand. We have to help them see the maturing of social networking into a business discipline as opposed to viewing it as a colossal waste of time.  We need to put ourselves in their shoes and speak to their concerns, if we get our of our heads and get into theirs it will enable us to answer their questions before they ask them.

Forward thinking executives and decision makers understand that customer service and communication techniques have shifted. The challenge that they are all facing is not one of understanding, it is one of how to implement. The job of leading an organization through this shift is a long slow process.   By understanding the decision makers mindset up front and being prepared to identify their thought processes, it will make us their top choice to help them through the transition.

Below is the 2009 McKinsey & Company Global Survey “How companies are benefitting from web 2.0 for additional insights into this subject.  This class was taught at SXSW by Andrew McAfee, you can follow his blog here http://andrewmcafee.org/ or read his book Enterprise 2.0 New Collaborative Tools for your organizations toughest challenges.

FPRA Space Coast member, Julie Arnold, is the Social Media Manager for Griffin Integrated Marketing and leads our chapter’s Tweet Team giving live updates from our professional development programs.  You can follow @SpaceCoastFPRA on Twitter.

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