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NSCFL is officially soliciting nominations for this year’s Harry Kolcum award. Click here for criteria for the award, but in short, theyare selecting two people for the award. The first is the person, either a government or contractor PAO/Communications rep/marketing person/community relations specialist, government relations specialist, etc., who resides in Florida, who did the most to promote space during fiscal year 2010. The second is a member of the news media whose coverage during the year has done the most to promote the space industry. If a person has a big event in the final days of September, feel free to include it.

Please provide a short bio on the person and a 2-3 paragraph nominee summary. E-mails are acceptable and please send to Craig Covault by C by COB Sept. 24. The Kolcum award committee will select and announce the winner in October and will present the award at the November NSC luncheon.

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