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The Space Coast Chapter of FPRA would like to welcome Lisa Nicholas, Redevelopment Specialist,  Rockledge Community Redevelopment Agency (RCRA).

  • When did you join RCRA: January 2011
  • Education: Actually, I was a psychology major, with minors in English and sociology.  I graduated with a BS in psychology from the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Background: Primarily legislative; I worked for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for 12 years. I began my career there right out of college as a communications specialist, was promoted to legislative research analyst and then served as executive director for the Children & Youth Committee.  From there, I went on to lobby in the private sector, which is what I was doing when I relocated to Florida five years ago.  Since moving here, I’ve worked for the Florida House of Representatives and also served as a contractor for the External Relations Directorate at Kennedy Space Center.  Public relations has undoubtedly been a fundamental aspect in every position I’ve ever held!
  • Why did you join FPRA:  The organization provides Invaluable opportunities for professional development and networking. Also, having lobbied for a non-profit trade association, I realize the value of being actively engaged with an organization, as well as the multitude of resources that are offered through membership.
  • What is the most challenging part of your job:  Any time I have to deal with budgeting issues (I’m not fond of numbers!).
  • What is the most enjoyable part of your job: I administer a grant program for the City, as well as an advertising campaign, for our local merchants.  Reaching out to our community business owners and chatting with them about their projects and generating interest in what the City offers is very rewarding.  I enjoy the outreach and interaction.
  • What are your hobbies/interests:  Graphic design, walking, elliptical training
  • Family Info: Married, with two cats that are more spoiled than most children! But I moved to Florida to be closer to my parents, who reside in Cocoa Beach.
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