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January 8 with Joe Curley, APR, CPRC, Crossing the International PR Boundaries on Thursday January 8 with Joe Curley, APR, CPRC of Stingray Solutions was a fun and informative look at International communications.

Those of us that attended this program were fortunate to receive Joe’s insight about practicing Public Relations in foreign countries. As the PR representative for each of Universal Studios’ theme parks in other countries (and that’s just what he does since he retired), Joe is currently involved with Universal “DubaiLand” in Dubai, the largest entertainment park in the world, and a Universal park in Korea, which will end up being a $3.3 Billion project.

Joe discussed, in depth, many of the barriers of international work, such as language, customs, differences in news media, food, and jet lag. Some of the most important tips he gave included:
• Arrange for a local ‘trading partner’ – a local PR firm to do business with and to advise you.
• Pay attention to the local customs! It is important to know what might inadvertently get you into trouble in another culture. For example, just talking to a member of the opposite sex in some Emirate countries can land you in jail.
• Clean up your slang. Americans don’t realize how much of what we say is slang. Can you dig it? (try translating that into Korean and make yourself understood)
• Be VERY careful when hiring a translator. Translators may not truly understand what you’re saying unless they’ve spent time and worked in the U.S. (see advice about slang above)

Joe Curley with Jessica Rye, APR and Suzanne Sparling, APR

Members Rosalind Harvery, Linda Herridge and Tracy Yates

FIT Members Judy Strother, and Alycia Johnson

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