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Take some time to gain some valuable knowledge from this Professional Development Podcast from our state association featuring Scott Monty, Head of Social Media at Ford.

The Ford Motor Company is one of America’s iconic brand names recognized worldwide: one of the so-called ‘Big Three’ US automakers that includes General Motors and Chrysler – all presently embroiled in US government actions to support the industry with a proposed $14 billion bailout.

While this business backdrop sets the scene for mainstream media headlines and reporting, Ford continues to communicate and engage with its stakeholders and other interested parties, employing the full spectrum of tools and channels as appropriate.

It’s the area of social media and communication that is the prime focus of this “For Immediate Release (FIR) Interview” with Scott Monty, Head of Social Media at Ford’s worldwide headquarters in Dearborn, USA. In this conversation with FIR’s Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz, Scott talks through the events surrounding a Ford fan site and alleged counterfeit Ford parts, how criticisms of Ford’s legal moves blew up across auto-enthusiast and other websites and blogs in a 24-hour period, and the key role Twitter played in enabling Scott to rapidly defuse and help to successfully address those criticisms. Scott also talks about The Ford Story, and offers five critical tips for any communicator embarking on deploying social media in the enterprise.

Click here for podcast.

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