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RIZE Round Table Kick-Off Party

Join us for the Kick-Off Party to our new after-hours social, RIZE Round Table!

RIZE Round Table: Cultivating Professional Excellence, One Conversation at a Time

Join us for an evening of flavorful exchanges and fresh perspectives!

Building upon our morning RIZE & Grind series, RIZE Round Table is an after-hours social that creates a collaborative space where young professionals gather not just to network, but to share insights, brainstorm solutions, and forge meaningful connections.

This is a RIZE X SCFPRA Collab to kick-off our new monthly after-hours event. This series will take place the third Monday of every month at Pizza Gallery & Grille from 5:30PM-7:00PM.

Bring your appetite for growth and your zest for collaboration. Whether you’re seeking personal development tips, career advancement strategies, or just a group of like-minded individuals, RIZE Round Table offers a relaxed yet engaging environment to nurture your professional aspirations.

Pizza will be provided, but you are welcome to order your own apps/beverages.

Register here: https://visitcocoabeach.growthzoneapp.com/ap/Events/Register/YpgmgB4L?mode=Attendee

Meet Your Moderator

Cady Milley, Owner of Pegasus Accounting

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